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Thank you for reading Vitreous! Any questions about the comic, webcomic creation, or any general queries can be sent to me over at:

vitreouswebcomic@outlook.com or you can send me a DM over at any of the social media in the navigation bar


Frequently asked questions:


What does the name 'Vitreous' actually mean?

It's a cryptic one for sure, but take a look at this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lustre_(mineralogy). This + 'Raven's Rock' mentioned in the prologue + Artem's power...well, you get it :P


How long will Vitreous run for/how far have you planned?

The main plot beats are more or less planned. I didn't want to fall into the trap of writing myself into a corner, or getting to a certain point and realising I haven't got enough material and then meandering aimlessly while the plot goes nowhere. So for that reason, the broad strokes have been mapped out for a while. As for how long it'll run - let's just say several years for now ;)


What media do you use to draw Vitreous?

Vitreous is traditionally drawn - after laying down pencils, I ink in ballpoint pen and use fineliners for dialogue. I use the image editor 'Pinta' to cover large, blacked-out areas with ease, as well as digitally cleaning up pages after scanning them. It's painstaking, meticulous work but it's all in the name of having a unique aesthetic :D