Comic 41 - Ch 2 - Rising Up - Page 17

15th Nov 2017, 1:21 AM in Chapter 2 - Rising Up
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Ch 2 - Rising Up - Page 17
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Rajeet Dave 15th Nov 2017, 1:21 AM edit delete
Rajeet Dave
He's back! Oh, how I've missed our silver-haired friend Gust! Looks like he's having a crisis of his own. One might call it...a crisis of faith! In...himself.

If you've been following my Instagram/Twitter, it'll come as no surprise that Artem and Gust end up travelling together at some point. Artem isn't exactly a dimwit, but having a voice of reason nearby certainly wouldn't go amiss. But what happens when your voice of reason is the one who doubts himself?

I haven't seen many examples where that character is the one who despite being the more grounded one, is much less confident in his abilities. The next page may shed a tiny bit of light on why that is...