About 'Vitreous' + Preface

About the comic:

In the kingdom of Astria, mages - beings possessing extraordinary superpowers - have lived alongside humans for centuries. However, their penchant for villainy and destruction has made the two races' coexistence anything but harmonious. Astria's Royal Guard, despite several significant victories over the past few decades, are still firmly on the losing side in their war against magekind.

Vitreous follows Artem - a mage with the ability to manipulate light - as he aims to fulfill his grand ambition of getting humans and mages seeing eye-to-eye. While the rest of his kind are out wreaking havoc or staying out of the limelight, Artem seems to be the only one fighting for his race's reputation...though nobody really knows why he's chosen this arduous path.

As he travels across the land in a bid to unseat powerful mage villains and curry favour with the Royal Guard, Artem makes unlikely alliances and soon realises that reaching his goal is far easier said than done...


About the author:



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